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We are thrilled to announce the outstanding success of HILLSSAMVADVARTA, INDIAEDGE, and INDIAEDGENEWS, leading Hindi socio-political monthly news magazines and online news portals. Established in 1994/2012/2021, with headquarters in Bhopal and Raipur, our publications have rapidly gained prominence. In just 30 years, our print magazines and online portal have attracted millions of viewers worldwide, becoming a reliable source for current affairs and socio-political insights.

The editorial content of HILLSSAMVADVARTA, INDIAEDGE & INDIAEDGE resonates with the aspirations of our readers, making a significant impact on male-oriented socio-political news matters. We focus on enhancing general awareness, understanding national and international issues, and offering profound insights into topics of human interest and social transitions.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our readers, our publications boast a readership of over one million per issue, representing diverse segments of society. HILLSSAMVADVARTA, INDIAEDGE & INDIAEDGENEWS serve as ideal platforms to reach the intellectually vibrant audience of the entire Hindi Heartland.

In each issue, our magazines feature political, social, and economic stories, along with works of renowned writers, poems, and regular features. We also cover news and views on national and international issues, both in our print magazines and online news portal.

We kindly invite you to consider featuring your Cover Story or Advertisement in every issue of HILLSSAMVADVARTA, INDIAEDGE & INDIAEDGENEWS. Your contribution will be instrumental in further enriching the content of our esteemed publications.

We sincerely hope you will approve this proposal and join us in our mission to provide insightful and impactful socio-political journalism to our readers.

Thank you for considering our invitation. We look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you.

@ Rate according to position given in table S.no Position Card Rate Offer Rate @ Both magazine & online news portal

1. Impact Feature – Rs.1,60,000

2. Front Cover Inside – Rs.1,00,000

3. Back Cover – Rs.1,20,000

4. Back Cover Inside – Rs.1,00,000

5. Full Page – Rs.75,000

6. Double Spread – Rs.1,00,000

7. Half Page – Rs.40,000

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